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Mission Statement & History


Cultivate a meaningful, diverse and inclusive connection culture within the TCU community and within the global community.


Texas Christian University’s unique culture is rooted in a long history of serving and including others—actions that build bonds and create an environment where people feel a sense of spirited belonging.

Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr. says, “TCU is a place where people are the priority. This is a hallmark of the TCU experience—so much so, in fact, that we launched the Center for Connection Culture to further spread the ethos ‘We are better together.’”

Founded in 2013, the Center coordinates activities on our campus that bring people together and nurture a sense of community.

To launch the Center, TCU partnered with Michael Stallard, author of Connection Culture, who believes in fostering shared empathy, inclusiveness, identity and understanding. Chancellor Boschini agrees, saying, “Our strong culture of connection empowers our students to succeed and our faculty and staff to work in an enriching community.” 

What is “Connection Culture”?

Defining connection culture is a difficult task; it’s most evident in the actions— both large and small—that members of a community take. Here are some ways we nourish our culture at TCU.

  • Reaching out
    • Faculty, staff and students often go out of their way to walk campus visitors to the location they seek instead of simply giving directions.
  • Giving back
    • Frogs Feed the Fort, begun in 2018 by Dana Sweatman, executive program specialist for the Center for Connection, provided 15,845 pounds of food to the Tarrant Area Food Bank, including 13, 210 meals for those who are food insecure.
  • Building bonds
    • Each year, the University’s Frogs First program invites first-year students to dinner at the homes of faculty and staff.
    • Taco Tuesdays help transfer students feel at home and give them a place to connect.,
    • Alumni Employee lunches, college mixers and small roundtable lunches of faculty and staff with the chancellor are just a few of the programs which exist to promote connection with our community.