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Meet the 2020 Postdoctoral Fellow

Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellow Hye-jung ParkHye-jung Park

Areas of study / specialization Music diplomacy, Global and transnational music history, Cold War studies, Critical race studies, and Music in East Asia Degrees
  • Ph.D., The Ohio State University
  • MA, Korea National University of the Arts
  • BA, Korea National University of the Arts
Research interests Parks’ research addresses the circulation of American music in East Asia during the 20th century. A common thread running through my research projects is an interest in exploring music in trans-Pacific racial politics between the United States and East Asian powers. Methodologically, my research emphasizes an ethnographic approach to historical records to better understand contextual details of musical entanglement among past different cultures. Classes taught
  • “History of Western Music II,” Spring 2021
  • “World Music,” Fall 2020; Spring 2021
  • “Music in Afro-Asian Encounters (proseminar),” Spring 2020
  • “Graduate Music History Survey,” Fall 2019
Research project Parks’ book, Solidarity across the Color Line: Music in African American Encounters with East Asia, 1904-1966, explores the role of music in US-East Asian relations. Taking a comparative approach, this book investigates how diplomatic relations have led to the wide circulation of African American music and have marked racial and class differences in East Asia.
The Fellowship has been immensely valuable for my professional development. TCU funded my participation in the leading academic conferences in my discipline, which allowed me to receive feedback on my research and build relevant networks. Supported by the fellowship, I have conducted necessary archival research for my book project at archives such as the Library of Congress and the National Archives of the United States. I have also taught classes in the School of Music. TCU has my profound thanks for this wonderful opportunity.