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2021 Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellow

Michelle Rivers

Michelle Rivers

Areas of study/specialization

Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory, Metacognition, and Education



  • Ph.D., Kent State University
  • MA, Kent State University
  • BA, University of California, Santa Cruz


Research interests

Knowing how to assess and manage one’s own learning is critical for becoming an efficient and effective learner in higher education and across the lifespan. However, research suggests that learners are prone to developing incorrect beliefs about how we learn best. Thus, three primary aims of Rivers’ research are to (1) identify, (2) develop, and (3) describe the underlying cognitive mechanisms of techniques that improve self-regulated learning and metacognition for students of all backgrounds. To accomplish these aims, Rivers conducts rigorous lab experiments, applied classroom studies, and large-scale analyses of existing data to provide a multifaceted understanding of learning processes in a variety of educational contexts. They hope to inform theories of self-regulated learning as well as classroom practices.


Classes taught

  • “Memory and Cognition,” Fall 2021
  • “Research Methods in Psychology,” Spring 2019


Research project

One ongoing research line involves developing interventions aimed at improving students’ metacognitive awareness and effective use of practice testing, a highly robust learning strategy that promotes long-term retention and understanding of information.


This fellowship will support me in achieving my career goals by allowing me to conduct research on student learning with the support of a wonderful mentor, engage with TCU students by teaching Psychology courses, and expand my network through attending academic conferences in my discipline. I am incredibly grateful for this professional development opportunity.


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