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Scholarships and Financial Aid Committee

Advises the Director of Scholarships and Student Financial Aid on matters relating to financial aid for students. Serves as an advisory body that reviews and evaluates student appeals concerning financial aid eligibility.

Administrative Oversight: Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg

Committee MemberTerm


Marcella Stark, Chair; EDUC2023
Martin Blessinger; MUSI2025
Kendra Bowen; CRJU2024
Jean Marie Brown; JOUR2024
Sheila Griffin; NURS2023
Carrie Moore; COMM2025


Jeff Bond; LIBRARY2024

Other Members

Laurel Cunningham; STUD ACCESS & ACCOMM., ex officio
Angela Thompson; ACADEMIC ADVISING, ex officio
Victoria Chen; SCHOL & FINANCIAL AID, liaison
Karen Morgan; DEAN OF STUDENTS, liaison


James Maggiore
Kellen Meagher
Sederick Oliver