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Student Conduct and Grievance Committee

Hears disciplinary cases referred by the Student Affairs Office or appealed by students, and grievance cases brought to it by students when such cases do not fall within the jurisdiction of other quasi-judicial committees. Individuals are expected to resolve grievances informally, whenever possible, before appealing to this committee. Considers matters of policy on problems referred by Student Affairs staff and investigates problems called to its attention by faculty and others in areas of student conduct, other than academic.

Administrative Oversight: Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Kathy Cavins-Tull

Committee MemberTerm


TBD, Chair;
Antoinette DeNapoli; RELI2024
Andy Dollahite; BSOM2026
Troy Schmanke; BSOM2026


Thomas Guidry; INFO TECHNOLOGY2024

Other Members

Reece Harty; STUDENT ORG/ACTIVITIES, liaison


Jackson Webb
Autumn Rae Henry
Ryan Sweeney
Aaron Smith
Hayden Nguyen