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Technology Committee

Reviews policies and procedures related to the application of computer and telecommunications technologies to instruction, research, advising and administrative functions by students, faculty and staff. Additionally, the committee monitors trends in computing and telecommunications pertinent to the educational enterprise. Furthermore, they may be called upon to review and make recommendations concerning computer and telecommunications equipment acquisition as well as staffing and training needs.

Administrative Oversight: Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr.

Committee MemberTerm


Andrew Ledbetter, Chair; COMM2025
Arthur Busbey; GEOL2025
Beata Jones; INSC2025
Kevin Knight; HONORS2025
Shauna Thompson; MUSI2024
Bingyang Wei; COSC2023
Qiao Zhang; MATH2025


Keith Ashcraft; ID CARD SRVCS CENTER2023
Cathan Coghlan; INST RESEARCH2024
Jay Iorizzo; CAMPUS REC2025
Alysha Sapp; LIBRARY2025

Other Members

Joanna Schmidt; KOEHLER CENTER, ex officio
Kerry Bouchard; LIBRARY, liaison
Travis Cook; TECH SRVCS., liaison
Josh Harmon; INFO TECH, liaison
Bryan Lucas; INFO TECH, liaison
Elaine Tubré; WEBSITE MGMT., liaison


Hunter Donelson
Dylan Irwin
Kollin Wardin