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University Committees

All University Committee meetings are open but, at the discretion of the chairman, may be closed to executive session. Faculty membership on all committees is determined by nomination by the Committee on University Committees of the Faculty Senate, with the final approval coming from the Chancellor.

Membership is usually restricted to full-time faculty, excluding lecturers. Exempt and nonexempt staff members are recommended by the Committee on Committees of the Staff Assembly, with final approval coming from the Chancellor. Selections are made on the basis of the individual’s interest, the needs of the committee, and the maintenance of the equitable distribution of faculty and staff members on the various committees. The Chancellor makes final appointments or re-appointments, and every effort is made to name those whose backgrounds and/or experience best fit them to serve in a particular area. All University Committees must have a faculty chair or co-chair. The faculty chair or co-chair must meet the eligibility requirements to serve in the Faculty Senate. Student members are chosen by the student leaders with the approval of the dean of campus life.

Under a system recommended by the Faculty Senate, appointments to committees are no longer to be made on a year-to-year basis but continue until the end of the spring semester of the year indicated. Ex-Officio members are expected to participate and vote on matters of the committees. Liaison members are expected to participate but are not allowed to vote on matters of the committee.

  1. Academic Appeals
  2. Budget Advisory
  3. Compliance and Affirmative Action
  4. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  5. Environmental Health and Safety
  6. Evaluation
  7. Intercollegiate Athletics
  8. Library
  9. Mediators
  10. Research and Creative Activities
  11. Scholarships and Financial Aid
  12. Student Conduct and Grievance
  13. Student Organizations
  14. TCU Sustainability
  15. Technology
  16. Traffic Regulations and Appeals
  17. Undergraduate Admissions and Retention
  18. University Compensation Advisory
  19. University Court