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Academic Appeals Committee

The Academic Appeals Committee serves as an appellate body for all academic matters. Particular committee responsibilities include appeals of assigned grades, program dismissals and sanctions applied due to findings of academic misconduct. Such appeals may be brought to the committee only after regular department and college channels of appeal have been exhausted. The committee’s decision is binding unless any party appeals to the Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Administrative Oversight: Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg

Committee MemberTerm


Greg Friedman, Chair; MATH2024
Danyelle W. Ackall; MANA 2024
Richard (Curby) Alexander; EDUC2023
Molli Crenshaw; BIOL 2023
Richard Denne; GEOL 2024
Phil Esposito; KINE 2024
Jessica Humphrey; THEA2025
Russell Mack; STCO 2024
Laura Meade; INSC 2023
Carrie Moore; COMM 2023
Angela Njenga; NURS2025
Scott Nollet; MATH2025
Kelly Pagidas; SCHOOL OF MEDICINE2025
Jay Ryu; IDEM2025
Michael Scherger; COSC 2023
Elizabeth (Becky) Taylor; EDUC 2023
Angela Thompson; SOCI 2023
Minakshi Trivedi; MARK 2023
Tim Watkins; MUSI 2024
Brae Young; CRJU2025


Mark Cohen; ATH2023
Leah Carnahan; DEAN OF STUDENTS2025
Michelle Franklin; NEELEY ACADEMIC ADVISOR2025
David Sommers; GREEK RES LIFE 2023


Jack Graham
Gracie Harris
Leath Harrison
Renee Perez
Arian Sejdini
Kollin Wardin
Michael Toth; Doctoral Program – AddRan College of Liberal Arts
Denise Mugabe; Doctoral Program – College of Education
Maiyu Diaz; Doctoral Program – College of Science & Engineering
Megan Klavitter; Master’s Program – Neeley School of Business