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Library Committee

Studies library needs in light of academic programs and advises the University Librarian on matters of policy, development of resources and optimal ways of integrating library programs with other academic activities.

Administrative Oversight: Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg

Committee MemberTerm


Zackary B. Hawley, Chair; ECON2023
Elisabeth Adkins; MUSI 2023
Ann George; ENGL2024
John Harris; PHIL2025
Stephen Lusch; ACCT2024
Marie Schein; MOLA2025
Rebecca Sharpless; HIST2024
Jennifer Smith; EDUC2023
Ashley Tull; EDUC2025

Other Members

Tracy Hull; Dean; LIBRARY, ex officio
Kristen Barnes; LIBRARY, ex officio
Floyd Wormley; RESEARCH/GRAD STUD, liaison


Julia Musacchio
Joseph Snipes
Mary Tucker; Biology - graduate student
René Aguilar; Social Work - graduate student