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Undergraduate Admissions and Retention Committee

Annually reviews undergraduate admission, enrollment and retention statistics. Facilitates communication between the Office of Admission and other members of the University community, including the Faculty Senate.

Administrative Oversight: Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg

Committee MemberTerm


Sue Anderson, Co-Chair; EDUC2025
Laura Luque, Co-Chair; BIOL2024
Shugofa Dastgeer; JOUR2026
Tristan Decker; THEA2026
Erik Estrada; RELI2024
Dongwoo Kim; ECON2026
Russell Mack; STCO 2025
Lisette Saleh; NURS2025
John Tisdale; JOUR2024


Heather Hale; SCHOOL OF MEDICINE2025
Rachel Hopper; RES LIFE2024

Other Members

Heath Einstein; ADMISSIONS, ex officio
Mike Scott; ENROLLMENT MGMT., ex officio


Dominic Mendlik
Lily Parra
Joe Winick