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Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Achievement as a Creative Teacher and Scholar

To recognize sustained exceptional teaching and high quality scholarship among the University’s faculty, two awards were given every other year – in one year, Distinguished Teaching, and in the next year, Research & Creative Activity – until 2005, when the awards merged and became The Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Achievement as a Creative Teacher and Scholar. The Academic Deans consider nominations from schools and colleges and provide three recommendations to the Chancellor. The award recipient is named at Fall Convocation and a photo gallery of recipients is on display at The Mary Couts Burnett Library.

Please contact the office of your dean to make nominations.

Thank you for participating.


Previous Recipients

Paul Schrodt

Bob Schieffer College of Communication
Philip J. & Cheryl C. Burguières Professor in Communication Studies

Daniel E. Williams

John V. Roach Honors College
Professor of humanities and director of the TCU Press

Jo Beth Jimerson

College of Education
Associate Professor of Educational Leadership

Babette Bohn

College of Fine Arts
Professor of Art History

Michael C. Slattery

College of Science & Engineering
Professor of Environmental Sciences
Deborah J. Rhea
Deborah J. Rhea

Harris College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Professor of Kinesiology
James Riddlesperger
James W. Riddlesperger, Jr.

AddRan College of Liberal Arts
Professor of Political Science
H. Joseph Butler
H. Joseph Butler

College of Fine Arts
Professor of Music
William Cron
William L. Cron

Neeley School of Business
Professor of Marketing
Cecilia Silva
Cecilia Silva

College of Education
Professor of Education
Robert Carter
Ralph G. Carter III

AddRan College of Liberal Arts
Professor of Political Science
Harry Parker
Harry B. Parker

College of Fine Arts
Department Chair of Theatre
David R. Cross
David R. Cross

College of Science and Engineering
Associate Professor of Psychology
Molly Weinburgh
Molly H. Weinburgh

College of Education
William L. & Betty F. Adams Chair of Education, Professor
William C. Moncrief III
William C. Moncrief III

M.J. Neeley School of Business
Professor/Chair of Marketing
Jeffery L. Coffer
Jeffery L. Coffer

College of Science and Engineering
Professor of Chemistry
Richard L. Enos
Richard L. Enos

AddRan College of Liberal Arts
Professor of English

Stacey Floyd-Thomas
Associate Professor of Ethics and Black Church Studies

Stanley B. Block
Dr. Stan Block Endowed Chair In Finance

Philip S. Hartman
Professor of Biology

Cathy Collins Block
Professor of Education, Graduate Faculty

2004 – Ray W. Drenner
Professor/ Chair of Department of Biology
2002 – Donald W. Jackson
Herman Brown Professor of Political Science
2000 – Rhonda L. Hatcher
Associate Professor of Mathematics
1998 – Ronald B. Flowers
Professor of Religion
1996 – Anantha S. Babbili
Professor of Journalism
1994 – Toni Craven
Professor of Hebrew Bible
1992 – Bob J. Frye
Professor of English
1990 – Mark E. Thistlethwaite
Associate Professor of Art History
1988 – Robert S. Doran
Professor of Mathematics
1986 – William R. Baird
Professor of New Testament
1984 – Emmet G. Smith
Herndon Professor of Music
1982 – Betsy F. Colquitt
Professor of English

2003 – Germán A. Gutiérrez
Associate Professor/ Director of Orchestral Studies
2001 – Ralph R. Behnke
Professor of Speech Communication
1999 – Linda K. Hughes 
Professor of English
1997 – Charles W. Lamb 
Professor of Marketing
1995 – Robert H. Neilson;
Professor of Chemistry
1993 – John Owings 
Professor of Piano
1991 – David W. Cravens 
Professor of Marketing and Holder of Eunice
and James L. West Chair of American Enterprise
1989 – William B. Smith 
Professor of Chemistry 
1987 – Donald F. Dansereau
Professor of Psychology
1985 – R. David Edmunds 
Professor of History
1983 – William H. Watson Jr.
Professor of Chemistry