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Past Chancellors

Addison and Randolph Clark Statue
History of the Title for TCU’s Chief Executive

In 1959, after President Sadler had served for 18 years, the TCU Board of Trustees appointed a special committee to consider how to honor him as he approached retirement. The Board decided to confer the new title of “Chancellor” on Dr. Sadler and to change his duties commensurate with his new role.

On May 19, 1959, the TCU Board officially approved the decision and asked Dr. Sadler to be the University’s chief ambassador in the community and focus on major gift fundraising.

Dr. D. Ray Lindley was named the President of TCU and was given all administrative responsibilities in the running of the University. Chancellor Sadler retired six years later in 1965. His replacement, Dr. James M. Moudy, was asked to serve as Chancellor with all duties of community ambassador, major gift fundraiser and chief administrator.

Since that appointment, all succeeding TCU chief executives have been called Chancellor and have assumed the entire spectrum of responsibilities that at one time had required two administrators.

TCU Chief Executives

  • Addison Clark 1873-1899
  • Albert Buxton 1899-1900*
  • E.C. Snow 1900-1902*
  • Ely Vaughan Zollars 1902-1906
  • Clinton Lockhart 1906-1911
  • B. Parks 1911*
  • Frederick D. Kershner 1911-1915
  • B. Parks 1915-1916*
  • Edward McShane Waits 1916-1941
  • McGruder Ellis Sadler 1941-1965
  • James Mattox Moudy 1965-1979
  • William E. Tucker 1979-1998
  • Michael R. Ferrari 1998-2003
  • Victor J. Boschini, Jr. 2003-

*Acting president or chancellor