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Michael R. Ferrari Award for Distinguished University Service and Leadership

The Ferrari Award was established by the TCU Board of Trustees to honor Dr. Michael R. Ferrari for his leadership as TCU’s ninth chancellor. Chancellor Emeritus Ferrari led TCU from July 1998 through May 2003. He held the faculty rank as Professor of Management at TCU and was cited for his efforts to involve the Fort Worth community in the life of the University through the TCU Commission on the Future. His academic research was focused on strategic planning in higher education, computing and information technology, institutional renewal and revitalization, and academic-industry economic development partnerships.

The Ferrari Award carries with a prize of $5,000 which is awarded to the winner by the Chancellor at the University’s Opening Luncheon in August. A photo gallery of recipients is on display on the second floor of the Mary Couts Burnett Library.

Nominations for the 2020 Michael R. Ferrari Award are now open. Nominations are now closed.

The purpose of this award is to recognize exemplary service and leadership by a faculty or staff member at any level or in any administrative or academic unit of the University. The award is meant to call attention to extraordinary situational leadership accomplishments over and above job or position expectations such as an individual leading an effort to solve a difficult major problem, successfully managing an extremely important project, designing an imaginative and creative new initiative, reaching out to improve the TCU or Fort Worth community in some significant way, or transforming the quality and performance of an administrative unit or academic department.

The nominee must demonstrate most of these qualities:

  • Be a three-quarters or full-time employee who has served as a member of the faculty or staff (exempt or non-exempt) for at least three years
  • A passion for and commitment to his or her work
  • Evidence of mentoring and helping others in his or her work environment to succeed and develop in the personal area of expertise
  • An appreciation for and use of participatory approaches to problem solving, planning, and implementation
  • An active interest in effective communication (i.e., taking initiatives to keep people informed and actively listening to concerns)
  • Behavior that is consistent with the spirit of the TCU mission statement
  • A definable important contribution to his or her professional field or area of special work expertise
  • All TCU faculty and staff may make nominations.
  • Nomination packets could include a cover letter describing the leadership achievement, backup materials that will support or further explain the situation, and letters of endorsement from key people who were involved in the situation precipitating the nomination.
  • A current vita of the nominee may be included if considered relevant to the nomination.
  • Nominations should be submitted online
  • Finalists will be selected by the committee and sent to the chancellor for final selection.
  • Finalists will receive $1,000.
  • This award is presented at the University’s Opening Luncheon and the recipient will receive an additional award of $5,000.
  • Chairman – Ms. Sheri Miller
  • Academic Affairs – Ms. Elaine Cole
  • Advancement- Mr. Dennis Alexander
  • Athletics – Mr. Mike Sinquefield
  • Brite Divinity School – Dr. Newell Williams
  • Finance & Administration – Ms. Terry Haney
  • Human Resources – Ms. Pam Hartwell
  • Marketing & Communication – Ms. Holly Ellman
  • Student Affairs – Ms. Sue McClellan

Past Recipients

Peter Worthing, Ph.D.

Professor of History and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research
Academic Affairs

Zoranna Jones, Ph.D.

Director, Harris Academic Resource Center
Academic Affairs
Theresa Gaul
Theresa Gaul, Ph.D.

Professor of English
Academic Affairs
Mike Butler
Michael Butler, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Associate of Dean Economics
Academic Affairs
Chuck Dunning
Chuck Dunning

Director of the Senior Year Experience
Student Affairs
Victoria Herrera
Victoria Herrera

Associate Director of Admission
Ebony Rose
Ebony Rose

Director of TCU Student Organizations
Student Affairs
Shawn Worthen
Shawn Worthen
Associate Athletic Director of Academic Services
Sarah Robbins
Sarah Robbins, Ph.D.
Acting Dean of the John V. Roach Honors College
Lorraine Sherley Professor of American Literature
Jeffrey C. Geider
Jeffrey C. Geider

William Watt Matthews Director
TCU Institute of Ranch Management
Lynn Flahive
Lynn Flahive, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Miller Speech & Hearing Clinic Director
Jane Kucko
Jane Kucko, Ph.D.

Director of Center for International Studies: TCU Abroad
Will Stallworth
Will Stallworth

Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities
Keith Whitworth
Keith Whitworth, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology & Anthropology
Tara Perez
Tara Perez

Physical Plant
Leo Munson
Leo Munson, Ph.D.

Associate Provost
Academic Affairs
Jose Feghali
Jose Feghali

1985 Van Cliburn International Piano Competition Gold medalist,
TCU artist-in-residence and professor of music
Edward McNertney
Edward McNertney, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Economics