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Chancellor’s Host Program

About the Program

Chancellor’s Host members are comprised of Texas Christian University’s finest student leaders. These students share their knowledge with the University community, special groups, and visiting dignitaries. They promote the welfare, history, traditions and overall excellence of TCU. Chancellor’s Hosts act as Building Ambassadors in The Harrison, greeters in the Founder’s Club during football season, and assistants for Chancellor sponsored events.


The Chancellor’s Host program is comprised of 24 students and is open to Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors.

As Chancellor’s Hosts, students will:

  • Wear the TCU purple blazer uniform
  • Work one or two home football games in the Founder’s Club
  • Work two shifts per week at The Harrison
  • Work two Chancellor sponsored events per year
  • Complete golf cart training
  • Complete campus tour training
  • BNSF Neeley Leadership Program
  • Chancellor’s Leadership Program
  • Chancellor’s Scholars
  • Dream Outside the Box
  • Frog Aides (SGA)
  • Frog Camp Directors and Facilitators
  • Frog Shadow
  • International Justice Mission
  • Neeley Fellows
  • Orientation Leaders and First Year Experience staff
  • Resident Assistants
  • STEM Scholars
  • Student Foundation
  • TCU Ambassadors
  • TCU Catholic

The committee will review completed applications, peer recommendations and faculty or staff recommendations. From the committee review, selected students will be invited to an in-person interview which will take place before the end of the semester. Candidates will be notified at the end of July as to whether or not they have been selected to be a Chancellor’s Host.


  • Completed Chancellor’s Host application
  • One faculty or staff letter of recommendation
  • One TCU student letter of recommendation
  • In-person Interview

Application & Recommendation Deadlines

  • March 20 – April 6 — Applications must be completed through FrogJobs
  • March 20 – April 6 — Letters of Recommendations accepted; please send all recommendations to


  • April 24 – April 28

Current Chancellor’s Hosts

Kylie Dunn
Class of 2025
Glendora, CA
Communications and Religion

Meredith Goldberg
Class of 2024
St. Louis, MO

Corinne Green
Class of 2024
Yorba Linda, CA
Graphic Design

Keara Lee
Class of 2024
Fort Collins, CO
Supply Chain Management

Thien Ly Nguyen
Class of 2024
Fort Worth, TX
Biology, Chemistry

Michael Onyango
Class of 2024
Arlington, TX
Political Science

Henry Pitcock
Class of 2025
Fort Worth, TX

Mark Rose
Class of 2024
Oklahoma City, OK
Political Science