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Intercollegiate Athletics Committee

This committee is a formal means of communication between the athletic department, the faculty, the student body and the administration. The Committee’s primary focus is on academic matters and student-athlete well-being. The Committee maintains ongoing communication with the athletics director and with the liaison from the Academic Excellence Committee of the Faculty Senate. The Committee’s primary focus is on academic matters and student- athlete well-being. The Committee will seek information from appropriate officials regarding current developments related to student-athletes’ academic concerns and well-being including financial responsibility/budget allocation, facilities, resources and compliance with NCAA rules and regulations. The Committee will provide an oversight role, as well as an advocacy role, as a voice for student athletes if questions are raised by the Faculty Senate or Student Affairs. The Committee will make recommendations to the appropriate University unit regarding suggested changes in policies or programs.

Administrative Oversight: Chancellor Victor J. Boschini, Jr.

Committee MemberTerm


Robert (Bob) P. Leone, Chair; MARK2026
Keith Gaddie; POSC2026
Lynn Jackson; SOWO2026
Mike Martin; FTDM2025
Katherine Polzer; CRJU2024
Paul Schrodt; COMM2024
Qiao Zhang; MATH2024
Leslie Zimpelman; NURS2025


Wendy Bell; VICE PROVOST2024
Victor Ignatiev; ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT2024
Angela Kenny; CIO2025
Jessica Ledbetter; DEAN OF STUDENTS2026

Other Members

Jeff Coffer; AEC REP., ex officio
Jeremiah Donati; ATHLETIC DIR., liaison
Eric Simanek; NCAA FACULTY REP., liaison
Kim Johnson; Assoc. A.D., liaison


Charlie Hoiberg
Joseph Winick
Dominic Mendlik