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University Compensation Advisory Committee

Considers issues and questions raised by the committee and advises the administration on policies and procedures relating to retirement, health insurance and other faculty/staff benefits. Appointments will be from June 1 to May 31.

Administrative Oversights: Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Teresa Abi-Nader Dahlberg;
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration William J. Nunez;
Vice Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Officer Yohna Chambers

Committee MemberTerm


Leslie Purvis, Co-Chair; FINA
Layne Bradley; INSC2026
Murell Horton; THEA2024
Leslie Purvis; FINA2026
Matt Switzer; EDUC2024
Laura Thielke; NURS2026
Melinda Rubenkoenig; Retirees Assoc.2024


Charles Dewar, Co-Chair; IT SUPPORT2026
Cristina Carpenter; CAMPUS REC2025
Lara Ellison; HUMAN RESOURCES2024
Zoranna Jones; CSE2026

Other Members

Rachelle Blackwell; HUMAN RESOURCES, liaison
Candice Payne; BUDGETS, liaison
Megan Soyer; PROVOST'S OFFICE, liaison
Other Human Resources staff as requested